Welcome to Brick Lane Weekly Circle

Quran Tafsir (Explanation)

Every Saturday After Salatul Asr

A Book We have revealed to you in order that you may take people out of the darkness and in to the light...(14:1)

A brief study of Surahs from Al-Duha to Al-Naas (the commonly recited Surahs in our daily Salah), with the intention to strengthen our attentiveness when standing in front of Allah. Join us to discover and understand the meanings, purpose of revelations and messages of these great Surahs

Basic Fiqh (Essentials For Worship)

Every Tuesday 7:30pm

And We have not created the Jinn and Mankind except for His Worship(51:56)

It is the duty of every Muslim to seek knowledge in order to worship Allah to His expectations, join our weekly sessions to learn and discover the essentials of Ibadah (worship).